10 Original online games made in Indonesia

 1. Nusantara Online
Nusantara online
Nusantara Online is a game Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) first made ​​in Indonesia. By using enggine called Another Game Engine Library (ANGEL) who also made ​​sons and daughters of the original country. While still using less sophisticated engine, the developer believes this game will be popular 2-3 years later. Not just a gaming engine that determines, but also the story of the game itself. Online Nusantara Indonesia culture a story when they made ​​up the kingdom. Obviously this is a very sought after by gamers who are bored with things that smell modern and fantasy. As well as an introduction to the culture and history of Indonesia.

2. Amarta Online
amarta online
Indonesia is one of the world's most widely played online games, and the number of games played online community in Indonesia can not be said to be few in number. So it is not surprising when it started popping up a few local MMO developers try to make MMO with Indonesia characteristics. Well, this is done by the developer Amulet Studio. Developer from Jakarta is developing a new MMORPG titled their Amarta Online.
For now, there is no demo or trailer that shows how the actual gameplay of Amarta Online. However, through its official Facebook page, Amulet Studio has released a number of screenshots, to a 3D rendering of Amarta Online. Although Amarta Online still has the feel of Indonesia in it, but it seems Amulet Studio also includes a variety of non-Indonesian fantasy elements into the game.

3. Gol Online
goal online
GOL Online is the first game launched by Telkom Speedy, IGLO (Indonesia Games Lounge).
GOL Online is a web-based MMO game system with free-to-play themed Football Manager, in which players will act as a manager of a football club in charge of developing the club.
GOL is the only online games in Indonesia with the theme of football his entire football players are from players LPI (Liga Primer Indonesia) as Irfan, Kim Kurniawan, Lee Hendrie or the Milky Way is also a former senior captain TIMNAS. With so expect the gamers who play Online Goals will feel the thrill of playing as the "home" itself.

4. Footbal saga 2 Online
fottball saga 2 online
Football Saga 2 also one of the greatest works Agate Studio, a game developer based in Bandung, Indonesia. The development will involve 8 people - average age was early 20's - since March 2012. Game-based social simulation soccer player browser (Flash) was based on a dream to contribute to the advance crew Agate national football. Ideals of the Indonesian people, including crew Agate, is witnessing the achievements Indonesia national team in international competitions like the World Cup. Because they are better at working on games than goalkeeper, born football games Saga's sequel.

5. SteamOPS Online
SteamOPS game is a Third Person Shooter original 100% made ​​in Indonesia. Besides cool gunfight you can see your character in action with exciting action and animation. You also can choose hundreds of weapons and a tense scenario. You can choose between two sides, or Noble Street, and start to defend your stronghold glory.
SteamOps tell showdown between 2 Zone, the West Side and East Side. SteamOps takes place during the Industrial Revolution where steam power is still dominant, little is using electricity. West and East showdown occurs for some reason and no one knows why for sure.

6. Showtime Indonesia
showtime Indonesia
Showtime Indonesia is a new online game where players can be based karaoke music online with gratuitous (free to play). Karaoke mode in this game has a good scoring system so that players do not only benefited from the hobby and singing talent, but also to hone the skills and techniques of singing.

7. Crimsworld

CrimsWorld is an international, free to play Criminal Reality game project based on browser, created by veterans and manniacs of browser games. It is not requiring any installations.
CrimsWorld is one of just a few browser MMOG games which is perfectly mixing two game types - RPG and Strategy so it is giving a fantastic fun and also many ways of gameplay.

8. Inspirit Arena
Inspirit Arena
Inspirit Arena is an online game with unique gameplay similar to games Trading Card Games like Magic the Gathering or Yu Gi Oh. Look forward to reviews Closed Beta Review Inspirit Arena of GameQQ after we play this game, to try it for yourself you live register an account and download the client at www.inspiritarena.com.
In addition, it has been published comic of the same title, Inspirit Arena, tells the story of the exciting adventures that relate directly to their online games.

9. Blazzworld
Indonesia gaming world once again get a new player. With Blazzworld titles, 3D online game that is the result of work of the nation Indonesia is a genre of online games Social MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)
In the world of gaming BlazzWorld, you can meet other players from all over Indonesia, which is connected via an Internet connection, and you can socialize with other players such as: chat, interact, play, adventure together, share stories, create groups and much more . In essence, the game is made ​​to be a medium to mix for you and your friends - friends, and friends - new friends, too.

10. LILO
In LILO, each user (user) can create their own avatar character. Innovation is the fruit of the work of the nation's children are creative in developing ideas in the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Pahala is Basuki, Alif Wijayakusumah, Sobar Herdiman and Yanuar Triwibowo working on this online game so they can win the champion in the arena INAICTA 2008. Assisted with eleven others, LILO was developed in April 2006.
Creating new innovation not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Cultivation of LILO itself has been started since 2006. The initial idea creation emerged from Rahmania Arunita LILO inspired to create a city with a setting of Indonesia. In addition, users can also interact with the user (user) more. It was later developed by Alif and his friends into a new model of social networking.

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I don't know much about games but I support the growth of Indonesia educative online games.


wah postingannya yang sangat menarik dan sangat membantu sobat
terima kasih atas informasinya


Kayaknya game made Indonesia nggak kalah oleh game luar negeri.Nice post sob.


gak ngerti mainin game kayak gini, dasar gue.. Kolot yah.. Hehehe


wuih, keren juga ya game online asli indonesia..

patut dicoba nih..

nice share



baru kenal kali ini game2 bikinan anak Indonesia, menarik sekali sobat


amarta kayaknya susah tuh 3D bukan :D .


Game seperti ini ternyata seru juga gan setelah dimainkan
terima kasih sudah berbagi informasi


Setahu saya banyak animator Indonesia yang sudah mendunia seperti :
- Rini Sugiarto yang menggarap animasi film "The Adventure of Tintin: Secret of The Unicorn" garapan sutradara Steven Spielberg.
- Griselda Sastrawinata yang menangani animasi film "Shrek, Kungfu Panda, Monster vs Aliens, Madagascar".
dan masih banyak lagi. Jadi rasanya sudah waktunya para animator kita bikin game yg keren2 haha. Thanks telah berbagi sob.


wah perlu dicoba tuh semua games :D nice post gan


Dari keseluruhan game di atas, hanya lilo yang pernah saya denger! Keren-keren game nya bro. :)


.. keren banget nich. namun kenapa gamenya kok kayak orang luar gitu ya?!? ..


Saya baru tahu nih aga game buatan nusantara. Kenapa yang bgini-begini gak di umumin yah..