10 Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia

1. Seropan Cave Waterfall, Yogyakarta
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Seropan cave is located in the village Semuluh, District Semanu, Gunungkidul district, Yogyakarta, and has a length of 888 meters.
Privileged Seropan cave you'll get from outside the cave to cave into the stomach. Starting from outside the cave you will be pampered with limestone cliffs that can be conquered, you can find this digua 13 climbing lines with different levels of varying difficulty, climbing out the cave Seropan suitable for those of you who are just learning rock climbing and still a beginner, so there is no harm if you try it. Where you'll find a 7-meter high waterfall.

2. Buniayu Cave Waterfall, Sukabumi
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Goa Buni Ayu was originally known as Goa Cipicung, it is caused because of the location of the cave is located in the village Cipicung. However, some of his more familiar cave crawler as Goa Demon. However, since under management Perhutanioffice began on 26 February 1992 the name was changed to Wana goa Tourism Goa Buniayu.
Goa Buni Ayu is a natural cave that is still in its natural you will find stalactite, stalagmite, flow stone, coloumn, drapery, gourdam, canopy or other cave ornaments. There are also animals that have undergone changes in function due to environmental influences cave senses such as spiders, crickets, fish, snakes, bats (megachiroptra), lizards, shrimp, swiftlets (Collocalia) as well as a variety of other animals.
You will also find underground rivers, waterfalls, caves and lakes in the area + 1 hectare.

3. Petruk Cave Waterfall, Kebumen
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Petruk cave is one tourist attraction in Kebumen. Obwis (objects and Logending Beach, which is located in the hamlet Mandayana Candirenggo sub Desa father, Kebumen district, or about 4.5 miles from Jatijajar heading south. Due strange shapes of stalactites and stalagmites, the names sounded strange, spooky, or funny, for example: layon stone (similar bodies), white crocodile (crocodile-like), or stone helicopters, and others. fact there are stalactites hanging on the cave floor were low flat like breasts. on the caves also seen a number of spring and a small waterfall.

4. Pule Jajar Cave Waterfall, Yogyakarta
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Pule Jajar cave is one cave that has an underground river systems and waterfalls as high as approximately 5 m. Administratively cave in the village of Pule Jajar Jepitu, District Girisubo, Gunungkidul district, Yogyakarta Special Province. This location can be reached from yogyakarta Wediombo heading to the beach, the mountain South.

5. Ngerong Cave Waterfall, Tuban
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Ngerong cave is located in the Village District Rengel Tuban.Gua district Rengel is a natural tourist sites Tuban, albeit limited around the mouth of the cave. Ngerong cave has an underground river water flow is very large so as to enable the irrigation in rice fields around.
Ngerong cave has approximately 1800 meters long hallway. High water in the cave varies from 0.5 to 3 meters in the dry season, while in the rainy season can reach 3 meters. The mouth of a large cave with a width and height of 4-8 and 2-7 m. In the cave discovered waterfall is 5 meters called "Grojokan Sewu". Cave hallway ends at a small lake where springs discharge.

6. Cerme Cave Waterfall, Yogyakarta
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Cermai cave in the village Srunggo, Selopamiro, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta, with a 20 km towards south from the city center, this cave is located in the highlands, while en route to the cave you will also see the natural beauty with a landscape view of the city of Yogyakarta of altitude. That is the main attraction in this cave is a small waterfall inside the cave, seldom has a unique cave like this.

7. Jatijajar Cave Waterfall, Kebumen
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Jatijajar Cave, a tourist spot into a tourist icon in Kebumen. This cave runs along + / -250 meters with an average width of 25 meters with a height of 15 meters, making it easier for visitors to enter.
Hundreds of meters long cave hallway decorated with rows of gurdam and waterfalls. The hallway cave below was prepared Jatijajar cave into a tourist attraction of special interest. To enter the spring in the cave Jatijajar sacred and serve as pilgrimage places.

8. Lueng Jaran Cave Waterfall, Pacitan
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Lueng Jaran Cave located in Mount Sewu, Pacitan, East Java. They say the cave is very long and stratified, but it is also promising cave spectacular scenery for those sports lovers caves.
An expedition ever undertaken by the Australia-England successfully mapped cave with a length of 20 km. These results differ slightly from the mapping ever undertaken cave crawler from Gajah Mada University (Mapagama) which shows that the cave has a length of 21 km. The difference in mileage is certainly indicate that, indeed sport caves often face many obstacles were quite hard. "The sport caves does require special skills.

9. Liang Puruk Cave Waterfall, Central Borneo
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Liang Puruk a vertical cave with cave mouth lies in a debris basin (collapse doline) with two small streams into the cave that form a waterfall. The hallway cave about 355 m in length with various types hallway. Hallways bersubstrat fossil soil and guano from bats and swiftlets. Active hallway is a long corridor with several waterfalls altitude of about 5 feet at the mouth of the cave and about 10 meters inside the cave. River igneous basement bersubtrat because limestone rock located above freezing. Well-developed cave ornaments such as canopies, mikrogordam, rock flow (Flowstone), stalactite and stalagmite. Some of the incoming water (inlet) which comes from the fracture gap forming pools of water inhabited by any kind of unique aquatic fauna. The hallway ended in a hallway with a low roof. But allegedly the river continues to Liang hajuq. Altitude: 350 m asl. Length: 354.7 m (mapped),> 400 m (observed). Type: vertical, active hallway. (June, 2003, Cahyo Rahmadi and YR Suhardjono, Bogoriense Zoologicum Museum Zoology Division, Research Center for Biology LIPI Cibinong, Bogor)

10. Liang Hajuq Cave Waterfall, Central Borneo
Undergound Waterfalls in Indonesia
Liang hajuq nearly 2km in length. While the corridor is mapped only 1.5 km. But the cave is still expected to be longer than expected. Liang hajuq has a large cave mouth, in front of a huge block of stone there. The halls were big and wide, but once laced the lower aisle and found an underground river. This river is a continuation of the river in Liang Puruk. River with a width of about 4 m and a depth of about 0.5 m has a pretty swift current. In some places found around the waterfall with a height varies from 4 m to 7 m. Liang hajuq is inhabited cave swiftlets and produced several kilograms of bird nests. The cave is also guarded by two people who live in front of the mouth of the cave. In some hallways populated swiftlets are also covered by a wooden fence to protect the cave from the spoil people who are not responsible.


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